Javascript, HTML5, CSS – Cartoon Game


This project is very similar like Russian roulette. There are two unit tests of major parts. There is sound of the game. Sound and image load from the resource folder.



This project is very similar like Russian roulette.

  1. You load the bullet into the chamber of a revolver (not an automatic)
  2. You spin tha chamber to create a random place where the bullet is with a 1 in 6 chance
  3. You pull the trigger repeatedly until the gun fires through to the number where the bullet is stored.
  4. The player has 2 chances to shoot away during the game, this means that if the bullet is fired during that time they survive. If they shoot away twice and still the bullet has not been fired then they better maje their will because the next shot they die.

The project was made in March, 2016.


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